MarketsFlow High Growth Portfolio

Strategy Objectives

  • Deliver 17-20% plus annualised returns
  • Manage volatility of less than 6% below benchmark Volatility
  • Maximum drawdown to be less than 8% at any period

    Capital at risk. Past performance isn't a guide to the future and the value of your portfolio can go down as well as up. See detailed disclaimer notes.

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  • Investment Process

    Step 1 : Portfolio Construction

  • MarketsFlow uses proprietary platform to dynamically construct the portfolio adhering to mandate, and ensuring that the appropriate relative beta securities always form part of the investment universe.

    Step 2 : Portfolio Allocations/Rebalancing

  • MarketsFlow manages daily allocations using proprietary platform, to optimally manage allocations. We ensure that your portfolio is always optimized in terms of returns, risk and volatility profile.

    Step 3 : Portfolio Performance Metrics

  • Run daily portfolio performance reporting to calculate optimal capital invested ratios, manage volatility and controlled drawdowns, stocks to options ratios.

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