Grow your returns smartly with intelligent investing.

Our Managed Portfolio product leverages the power of our award winning proprietary MarketsFlow technology to help our portfolio managers optimally construct and manage your investment portfolio. Using our sophisticated platform, we continually rebalance your portfolio to endure any market conditions and help you yield the best possible returns.

You can choose your portfolio to be constructed based our returns-oriented constructs of High Growth Portfolio with a performance of 25.6% in 2018 or Growth portfolio with a performance of 8.7% in 2018, each of which have a specific set of parameters for stock, shares and options selection to suit your investment goals and risk objectives.


How MarketsFlow’s Intelligent Platform works for you.

Our award winning and sophisticated platform designs a bespoke portfolio construct based on your preferred MarketsFlow portfolio i.e. High Growth Portfolio or Growth Portfolio each of which have a different base construct and risk allocation.

Our highly advanced MarketsFlow platform then uses a scientific data driven model to make the following decisions for your investment:

  • Optimal cash investing ratio at any given time period.

    This means that the platform will indicate - by generating buy, hold or sell signals - how much of the portfolio capital should be invested in which stocks and options. This will also mean that during volatile or uncertain markets the platform indicates a “non invested” signal which essentially translates in your funds being liquid and not invested for risk aversion purposes. As our system is continually assessing market conditions, this will ultimately result in higher returns meaning we invest only when the time is right for returns.

  • Which stocks and when to buy.

    Positions sizes and weighting depending on the market conditions (Allocation decisions).

  • Which stocks and when to sell.

    Rebalancing the portfolio continually as necessary. This might also mean that there might not be much activity in your portfolio until the market conditions are just right. Our platform is results driven, meaning it does not engage in needless risky day-trading or unnecessary transactions but rather focusses on intelligent, metric based decisions for the best possible portfolio yield.

  • Use of risk aversive options .

    Selling Puts or Covered calls to generate extra yield on a weekly basis depending on the signals.

  • Daily portfolio performance metrics reconciliation to track and evaluate portfolio performance.

    As a managed portfolio client you will be able to see your portfolio transactions on the MarketsFlow platform and our brokers interface (Interactive Brokers or Schwab depending on your account) as well as the overall performance of your portfolio on a weekly basis.

    Please see our FAQ section for information on the difference between our Growth and High Growth Portfolio construct, set-up process and trading instrument specific information.

Our Fee Structure:

Our fees are simple, extremely competitive and transparent. Every client that signs up to the MarketsFLow Managed Portfolio service receives a copy of our Investment Management Agreement with all the information and disclosures.

GIA Accounts – Managed Portfolio:
Fee Rate: The following table lays out the Fee Rate.
Investment Account Size Fee Rate (per annum )
£10 - £999 2.00%
£1,000 - £2,999 1.75%
£3,000 - £9,999 1.50%
£10,000 - £24,999 1.25%
£25,000 - £0.5m 1.00%
£0.5m - £1m 0.75%
GIA Accounts – Managed Portfolio:
Performance Fee Rate: The following table lays out the performance fees.
Investment Account Size Performance Fee (per annum)
£10 - £2,999 20.00%
£3000 - £9,999 17.50%
£10,000 - £24,999 15.00%
£25,000 - £0.5m 10.00%


Although the underlying strategies are similar for both portfolios, the actual portfolio constructs are quite different.
Yes, before we start constructing your portfolio you will need to select a base portfolio construct, either the Growth Portfolio or the High Growth Portfolio. The MarketsFLow High Growth Portfolio has slightly higher volatility than the Growth Portfolio, therefore the performance can be higher - please refer to 2018 performance for comparison (link to performance page).
This should take 2-3 days after your funds are transferred and available in your IB account.
This will be on the MarketsFlow platform and should also take 2-3 working days.
Our Portfolio Managers will create your MarketsFlow Platform account to give you access to your portfolio construct. You will then be able to follow its movement and performance.

They will need to configure your account to the portfolio of your choice (Growth Portfolio or High Growth Portfolio) and start constructing your stocks and shares portfolio according to the MarketsFlow buy and sell signals - which are in turn dependent on the market conditions.

We will start constructing your portfolio soon after your funds are available in IB and send you all the details so you can follow your portfolio in your MarketsFlow account when it is fully set-up.
MarketsFlow ISA, High Growth and Growth Portfolios are managed in the same way on the MarketsFlow platform with similar constructs except that we do not sell puts or covered calls on ISA.

The MarketsFlow High Growth Portfolio has slightly higher volatility than the Growth Portfolio, therefore the performance can be higher - please refer to 2018 performance for comparison

The allocation of stocks for ISA portfolios is still resulting from the underlying buy signals, including the position sizes which are determined by the signal strength.

Therefore, the resulting potential extra performance is not available on ISA portfolios.
The level of activity in a portfolio is dependent on the invested amount (larger amounts will usually have more activity due to the price of individual stocks, shares etc), the platform signals and the market conditions.

As the MarketsFlow platform assesses the market environment on a number of levels, it will suggest the most optimal trades and trade volume for the size of your portfolio investment to yield the optimum returns.

As the market conditions vary, you will notice increase or decrease in activity dependent on the platform signals. During some periods your portfolio might not be invested at all or not fully invested due to market conditions and MarketsFlow risk mitigation
The allocations for the portfolio are based on the proprietary MarketsFlow platform, and the portfolio performance shown on the website is a reflection of the signals.

It is normal at times to be allocated only a proportion of your capital, we will be varying the invested amounts depending on the amount of funds in your account and on the platform.

By having lower or no allocations at times, your portfolios will not be compromising on performance.
The IB account shows the amount in USD, hence the difference in the value.
You can find updates on the weekly performance here which will allow you to compare

Also, the activity and trades are adjusted to the investment size of each account.
The MarketsFlow platform is not currently configured for you to trade. If you have sufficient trading experience you could trade using your account with our brokers Interactive Brokers or Schwab. However this might cause issues to your portfolio as it might clash with our investment management technique and optimized position sizes. We would therefore not recommend you trading on the same account.
You will be seeing your fees including charge rate at the Funds tab of “Trade transactions” in your Interactive Brokers account.
Yes, the Investment management Agreement is in place between the three parties, our clients receive the Investment Management Agreement as part of the MarketsFlow onboarding process.
You can find updates on the weekly performance here which will allow you to compare

Yes, that is correct, the Investment Management agreement states the discretion MarketsFlow will have over managing trades on the account.
This is to essentially avoid any potential conflict of interest and Interactive Brokers need this information as part of their compliance. You can find more information about this here.
The MarketsFlow platform updates its buy and sell indicators at 6 am.
The way we would do this is take the total funds that you will deposit into your IB account (eg 50K) and set up 2 accounts for you on the MarketsFlow platform. One for the ISA and one for the Managed Portfolio.

Then our portfolio managers will allocate the desired proportion as you instruct us (eg 40K Managed and 10K ISA) to the relevant trading portfolios.

You would only need to transfer the complete sum of funds for both Managed Portfolio and ISA to your Interactive Brokers account and instruct us on how you would like to split the amount.
You can withdraw your funds with 1 day’s notice (please refer to the MarketsFlow Investment Management Agreement p 7).
In order to terminate your agreement, we would require a 30 day notice for your account (please refer to the MarketsFlow Investment Management Agreement p 10).
We will endeavor to implement changes in Risk Level within 7 business days but we cannot guarantee to do so
  • 1. Is it long only, or long/short?

    It is long only.

  • 2. What is the expected turnover (single sided) per month?

    It depends on the signals generated on the platform but on average we may be transacting 20-25 times, this can obviously vary depending on the market conditions.

  • 3. Are the presented performance figures net of transaction (and market impact) costs?

    The figures presented are net of transaction cost.

  • 4. How many stocks are in the portfolio typically.

    The portfolio construct has about 20-23 stocks which dynamically change depending on the market conditions.

  • 5. What is the weighting scheme of the stocks (market cap weighted / equal weighted or other weighting scheme)?

    The allocation of the portfolio is determined dynamically on a daily basis, we have signals to ensure that depending on the (signal)strength position sizes and weighting is configured. As this is a dynamic process and is determined depending on the current holdings, we do not apply a static process driven weighting structure, the platform generates optimum weighting based on the existing holdings and signals. For example, it may well be that at any given time we only have 60% of the portfolio invested with each position size no more than 10% of the portfolio.

  • 6. What kind of stocks (worldwide/developed markets/certain industries or other?)

    The High growth Portfolio consists of S&P based mid-caps across different industries but generally higher beta stocks. As long as the stock meets the conditions of high growth metric, it is included in the construct, however there are caps of no more than 40% from one industry.

  • 7. What is the minimum market cap of the stocks traded?

    The minimum market cap for High Growth Portfolio stocks is 12B.

  • 8. On what basis are the stocks selected, on what characteristics?

    The stocks are selected by the platform dynamically as long as they exhibit certain beta characteristics over a recent period, along with alpha potential, they must exhibit group leadership, upside reversion, and generally be in a momentum industry/sector. The system looks at other proprietary characteristics like momentum behavior over a certain period.