Why MarketsFlow?

We employ cutting edge data science, machine learning and AI to assist our clients in optimizing portfolio performance within the risk tolerances and other constraints they specify.

MarketsFlow is an SEC-registered investment advisor and, as such, we are obliged to act in our clients’ best interests at all times

For whom does MarketsFlow Managed Portfolio cater?

MarketsFlow Managed Portfolio is for those who prefer a less hands-on approach to their investments and places in the hands of our experienced portfolio managers, through our platform, the job of harnessing our scientific investment tools for the benefit of your portfolio.

You still retain ultimate control, since the expression of your investment goals and preferences continues to underpin all of the return-enhancement, risk management and portfolio construction activities that we undertake for you.

MarketsFlow Managed Portfolios

MarketsFlow's Managed Portfolio option, allows clients to delegate oversight of their investments to our world class portfolio managers, who leverage their training and experience with MarketsFlow technology to enhance our clients' probability of investment success.

We use the market leading custodian and broker platform

MarketsFlow's platform runs a series of algorithms that process a vast amount of market data daily. It then uses the output of this process to recommended very specific, simple actions to help ensure that your portfolio is always optimized.

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Our Portfolio Managers

Tim Shanahan

Tim Shanahan has over four decades of experience advising high net worth individuals, corporate executives, retirement plans, and companies.


Bill Matson, CFA

Bill Matson, CFA, CPA (Ret.), CFP has over 30 years’ experience in the investment industry. Bill co-authored Data Driven Investing, an in-depth analysis of how stocks become mispriced. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from Babson College and an MBA from Harvard.


Adam Tyrrell, CFA

During his 17 years in financial markets, Adam Tyrrell has had portfolio management responsibilities for more than 12 years.



Managed Portfolio Fees

1% per annum for £100K-£500K

0.85% per annum for £500K - £1M

0.70% per annum for £1M - £5M

- Negotiable over £5M

These fees exclude brokerage commissions and other trading costs.

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