Our Suitability Process

Finding your optimal investment strategy

See how our diligent suitability questionnaire matches you to your bespoke portfolio

At MarketsFlow we seek to ensure that every client understands the risks and benefits of investing. We have a comprehensive process in place to make sure every one of our clients is matched with an optimized portfolio tailored to their specific financial goals. Through a series of questions we will assess your level of familiarity with investing, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, specific portfolio requirements and other suitability measures to create your expertly personalized portfolio.

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  • Your Risk Tolerance

    At MarketsFlow we ensure that your personalized portfolio accurately reflects a risk level you are comfortable with and which is right for your financial circumstances and goals.

  • Your Time Horizon

    In general, the longer you are able to leave your money untouched, the more aggressive your portfolio can be, subject to your personal preferences around risk tolerance. The sooner you will be needing cash from your portfolio, the more conservatively it should be managed, all else being equal.

  • Portfolio Returns

    Considerations of risk tolerance and time horizon will usually determine your expected rate of return. At MarketsFlow we use scientific methods to push the boundaries of what can be achieved, seeking to maximize returns for any given level of risk.

Start Optimizing Your Portfolio

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