Why MarketsFlow?

We employ cutting edge technologies to assist our clients in optimizing portfolio performance within the risk tolerances and other constraints they specify.

MarketsFlow is an SEC-registered investment advisor and, as such, we are obliged to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.

Portfolio Optimization

MarketsFlow's platform runs a series of algorithms that process a vast amount of market data daily. It then uses the output of this process to recommend very specific, simple actions to help ensure that your portfolio is always optimized.


Top performance

MarketsFlow's S & P Large Cap model portfolio backtest has consistently outperformed the Eureka 50 Hedge Fund Index. See our See our performance


How does the MarketsFlow platform work?

Get a better insight into how MarketsFlow makes it easy to optimize your portfolio.

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MarketsFlow's Managed Portfolio

MarketsFlow's Managed Portfolio option, allows clients to delegate oversight of their investments on our platform which leverages the training and experience of our world class portfolio managers with MarketsFlow technology to enhance our clients' probability of investment success.

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Portfolio Advisor Fees

0.8% per annum for $100K-$500K

0.70% per annum for $500K - $1M

0.60% per annum for $1M - $5M

- Negotiable over $5M

These fees exclude brokerage commissions and other trading costs.

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Steps Involved In Managing Your MarketsFlow Portfolio

Managing your portfolio intelligently with MarketsFlow is refreshingly simple. Here are the 5 steps to your portfolio optimization.

Why use MarketsFlow?

Our investment management platform helps ensure your investments are always optimized by continuously rebalancing your portfolio.

Why Should Your Investments Be Optimized?

MarketsFlow helps you achieve your investment return requirements and satisfy your risk constraints.


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