Are you looking for a high performing investment advisor with special focus on your portfolio's risk and volatility?

If you are seeking high returns with controlled risk and volatility, then you have come to the right place. See our detailed weekly performance. MarketsFlow specializes in managing client portfolios' using our award winning and sophisticated platform for optimal performance and risk management.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the client's portfolio matches their returns and risk objectives. By providing the required information during sign up, we assesses and assign the most suitable portfolio to match your financial profile . Our award winning and sophisticated platform designs a bespoke portfolio construct, ie high growth portfolio, retirement based or income based portfolio. The highly advance platform then uses scientific data driven model to make the following decisions:

- Optimal cash investing ratio at any given time period (how much of the portfolio capital should be invested?).
- Which stocks and when to buy? Positions sizes and weighting depending on the market conditions (Allocation decisions).
- Which stocks and when to sell? (Rebalancing the portfolio).
- Use of risk aversive options ie Selling Puts or Covered calls to generate extra yield on a weekly basis depending on the signals.
- Daily portfolio performance metrics reconciliation to track and evaluate portfolio performanvce

As a managed portfolio client you retain full control of your account both on Schwab's advisor broker platform as well as MarketsFlow's proprietary platform. To register on MarketsFlow platform click here.

We use Charles Schwab as our custodian and broker platform

As an advisor client of MarketsFlow we open an account for you with Charles Schwab which is the leading custodian and broker in the country. Your monies are safely held under your account name, and we have the trading authorization to manage your account.

You will also have full access to the award-winning platform for MarketsFlow, where you can review your account in terms of the performance values as well as allocation, rebelancing and risk exposure decisions daily.

A top investment advisor for your general investment account, retirement or rollever IRA

Some of the reasons why our portfolio performance stands out:

- Our proprietary platform assesses the portfolio construction, allocation and rebalancing decisions daily.
- Our proprietary platform assesses does not invest into mutual funds or ETFs.
- Our proprietary platform ensures that capital invested ratios, position sizes and weightes are intelligently optimised daily.

Managed Portfolio Fees

1.5% per annum for $25K-$100K

1% per annum for $100K-$500K

0.85% per annum for $500K - $1M

0.70% per annum for $1M - $5M

- Negotiable over $5M

These fees exclude brokerage commissions and other trading costs.

Let us manage you portfolio for optimal performance with controlled volatility!

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MarketsFlow helps you achieve your investment return requirements and satisfy your risk constraints.

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MarketsFlow is using cutting edge technology to make personalized and optimized investments.

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