How it Works

We use AI & Machine Learning to make intelligent investment decisions simple. Set up your MarketsFlow optimized portfolio in 3 simple steps!

1 Suitability

Our comprehensive process to match you with your personalized portfolio

At MarketsFlow we help ensure that every client understands the risks and benefits of investing. We have a comprehensive suitability process in place to make sure every one of our clients is matched with an optimized portfolio tailored to their specific financial goals and circumstances. Through a series of questions we will assess your level of familiarity with investing, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, specific portfolio requirements and other suitability measures to create your expertly personalized portfolio.

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2Recommended portfolio

Your personalized portfolio

Based on your suitability assessment, the MarketsFlow platform will construct your portfolio. Our platform then gives you the option to further control your investments, allowing you the final say on buys and sells. In addition, MarketsFlow provides daily rebalancing suggestions to help you ensure that your portfolio is always optimized.

3Optimal performance

Ensure your portfolio is always balanced and optimized

MarketsFlow's platform runs a series of highly specialized and complex algorithms that process a vast amount of market data daily. It then uses the output of this process to recommended very specific, simple actions to ensure that your portfolio is always optimized.

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Start Optimizing Your Portfolio

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