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The MarketsFlow team brings together 50 years of unique experience working in Investment Banking, Asset Management, Brokerage Firms, Trading, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Leadership Profile

Tom Nash - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tom is the principal architect and developer of MarketFlow and its breathrough platform. With 17 years experience in financial products, Investment Banking experience at JP Morgan and founding and selling data retail business. Tom also currently manages Portfolio funds on MarketsFlow's platform.

With MBA from Glasgow University, Tom focused on Data Science, Algorithms and ERP Systems. For his research dissertation he was resident at Compaq and SAP to analyse datasets around management of Compaq's resources. He was highly impressed with the way Compaq were using data to improve financial marginability and minimise waste in human resource utilisation.

It was this earlier understanding of data mining and extrapolation, which later became the focus throughout Tom's professional career of dissecting financial datasets to visualise behavioural patterns, create optimisations and Machine Learning based improvisations.

After exiting the business in 2014, Tom started developing Machine Learning and AI based systems to better manage Portfolio Asset Allocations and develop active strategies for high performance strategies. He uses MarketsFlow to actively manage all Portfolio positions, and works with clients in building and developing their Portfolios to consistently generate performance over and above benchmark indices. Tom also uses MarketsFlow to successfully develop options strategies to generate growth income as well as capital appreciation.

Tom enjoys the outdoors, trekking, playing squash and tennis.

Asif Idris - Chief Operating Officer

Asif brings with him 20yrs experience in Business Architecture with expertise in front to back office implementations, target operating models, full trade lifecycle and full software development life cycle having worked in London, New York, Paris and Brussels at some of the leading investment firms

20 years Programme, Project Management, Governance and Business Architecture delivery experience in multiple transformation and change programmes at Investment Banks, Asset / Fund Managers and Hedge Funds reporting to Board level, ManCo and ExCo.

An MBA from Imperial College London fulfilled a passion to specialize in FinTech Innovation and a thesis in determination of portable Alpha using Sharpe Ratio Analysis.

Asif graduated in 1997 in Economics and Information Systems and was accepted on the graduate training program at Merrill Lynch in New York which led to a vast array of experiences at Lehman Brothers (Equity Derivatives), JPMorgan (Swaps), Deutsche Bank (Credit Derivatives), Royal Bank of Scotland (Money Markets), Fortis Bank (Interest Rate Swaps/Options), BNP Paribas (FX Spot, Forwards and Options), Credit Agricole (Commodities), BAML (Commodities), State Street (Portfolio Swaps), Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (Alternatives Fund launch - Multi Manager).

Asif enjoys mentoring junior analysts and is a speaker at career events in Finance and FinTech at schools to 6th form and university students. He is passionate about photography, scuba diving and tennis.

Adam Tyrrell - CIO/Head of Asset Management

During his 17 years in financial markets, Adam Tyrrell has had portfolio management responsibilities for more than 12 years. A major focus during this time has been on building alpha-generating investment decision processes that integrate quantitative and qualitative elements and in some cases span multiple asset classes. He is experienced in integrating additional risk factors or styles into an existing investment process, whether in a global macro environment or a single asset class context.

Part of his role over many years has also been to ensure that alpha generation is packaged to suit complex sets of client constraints, usually impacted by regulation, and requiring bespoke approaches to portfolio construction.

Prior to being in investment decision-making positions, Adam worked in risk analysis, credit analysis and portfolio construction. Previous employers include Aberdeen Asset Management, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, EPIC Investment Partners, which was a start-up, and ABN Amro. While at EPIC, he designed, raised capital for, and ran an absolute return bond fund .

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